Corrugated Honeycomb Pallets

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Honeycomb cardboard pallets are lightweight and designed for strength.

(Freight savings are an inherent feature due to the quantifiable difference in weight as compared to other substrates. ie. Wood and Plastic)

Honeycomb cardboard pallets offer a cost-effective alternative to heat-treated wood or plastic pallets.

With growing concerns regarding the spread of wood-borne pests, regulations are now restricting the use of certain types of wood packaging materials for international shipments. ISPM 15 (International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures: Guidelines for Regulatory Wood Packaging Material in International Trade) requires all wood packaging materials to be treated to prevent infestation by non-native pests. Approved treatments (Heat Treated - HT, and Methyl Bromide - MB) have not only added to the cost of wood pallets, but also made them more difficult to dispose of in environmentally friendly ways. DPC honeycomb cardboard pallets are a cost-effective way of meeting international and North American shipment needs.

The cardboard paper materials used in the construction of our pallets do not require any metal or wood materials, which eliminates the potential for hand, arm, leg and even foot injuries often seen with wood pallets. With no nails, no splinters, no broken boards and significantly reduced weights, DPC honeycomb cardboard pallets provide a far safer alternative.

Weighing in at an average of less than 10 lbs, they can be easily moved about a facility, stacked for shipping, and lifted without causing the dangerous and costly back injuries often caused by heavier wood pallets.  (Saving potential L & I claims)

DPC honeycomb cardboard pallets are designed and constructed to meet the rigorous challenges of loading and shipping operations with a top deck manufactured from honeycomb panels. Runners, or blocks, made from a variety of honeycomb panel sizes are then glued onto the deck. Honeycomb components in the panel take advantage of the lightweight but superior strength found when using hexagonal cells to create load-bearing structures. The use of honeycomb in the stringer provides superior strength and cushioning capability for load requirements, as well as acting as a lightweight and cost-effective material choice.

Honeycomb pallets also provide 100% top-deck coverage, preventing materials and any loose product from falling through.

The honeycomb cardboard provides an excellent cushioning and "seating" capability for loaded products, as well as the banding used to strap loads to the pallets.

Unlike wood pallets which are primarily available with a limited number of deck sizes, DPC honeycomb pallets can be manufactured in an extensive array of pallet deck sizes. In addition, stringer and block dimensions (length, width, height) can be manufactured depending on the specific needs of the application (such as two-way or four-way entry). The result is an extremely cost-effective solution customized to your exact load, size and weight requirements.

Honeycomb Pallet Features & Benefits

Meet international shipment regulations (ISPM 15) using a non-wood material, save costs and reduce the time and effort needed for inspection of wood pallets and heat-treating pallet paperwork

Minimize transit vibration with the cushioning capability of cardboard and honeycomb components .  (Varies with Cell Size)

100% top-deck coverage — no open areas for products or materials to fall through

Lightweight construction reduces costs on LTL shipments and allows shipping personnel to easily lift and move when needed

100% Recyclable —reduces waste disposal costs and the impact on landfills (Sustainable).

No splinters, nails, or jagged wood edges — fewer injuries for your workers

Honeycomb Pallet Applications

DPC honeycomb cardboard pallets are quickly becoming the standard in industries with international shipment requirements (export). They offer efficient benefits when transporting chemicals, beverages, case goods, bagged products, lumber, mined products, gypsum board, windows, glass, doors, exercise equipment, rolled / cased goods, batteries, electronics, computers, printers, air conditioners, grills and much more.

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